Case Management

We offer cost effective case management services that promote and secure the best outcome for our clients.

We recognise that those who have sustained a traumatic brain injury (TBI) or Spinal Injury may need expert help to achieve and maintain a reasonable quality of life. Evidence shows that intensive, on-going and personalised case management can improve the quality of life and outcomes for this client.

What does a case manager do?

The role of a case manager may include:

Setting up a support regime

Recruiting, maintaining and training appropriate support staff. Putting forward an appropriate and cohesive package of support. Acting as support and confidante to members of the care team.

Organising therapy and training

Introducing remedial activities and retraining. Maintenance of current fitness and mobility. Improvement and maintenance of daily independence.

Family intervention

Acting as a mediator, informing families what the individual can and cannot do, and what they need to be prompted to do for themselves.

Researching activities

Exploring possible social activities, encouraging any current interests, and prompting new ones. Investigating the possibility of some form of employment, if appropriate.

Our case managers provide the overall co-ordination of continuing rehabilitation and care, identifying local resources and activities to help the brain injured individual to structure his or her time.

Such a role involves an on-call element, with the case manager being available for support and guidance when required, and should a particular difficulty arise. There are regular case reviews and the team uses a well documented system of record-keeping and goal setting. Monthly progress reports are provided.

What are the costs involved?

Our charges are flexible to meet the needs of the client. We may for example charge a flat monthly fee depending on the complexity of the case. This will be assessed on the basis of:

The amount of input/activity the client requires and a risk assessment based on the client's behavioural, mood, or psychiatric problems, and family involvement.

If you have a client who you consider may benefit from our case management services please email or telephone 01594 501230.